The BABEONIDEAS BLOG can be of service to you in the following ways;


Web/App Development

We enable individuals build tech ideas into start-ups or transform your existing business into a more scalable and high revenue generating model using technology or develop a growth app for your online community or blog.

Business Plan Development
We develop full scale, well researched Business Plans for your startup or business idea

Technology Strategy
We help you build a robust technology strategy with an innovative edge for tech ideas and for organic businesses that aspire to inculcate tech into their business processes

Content Strategy
We create content strategy for mission and business goals, audience engagement, user experience, team processes, SEO guidelines etc.

Content Marketing Strategy
We create overall content marketing strategy from Business Case, Business Plans, Marketing Plans, Investor Documents, Pitch Decks, Content Maps and Audience Persona, Brand Story and Channel Plan

Idea Concept Development
We offer idea validation services and idea concept development to create the needed foundation for your idea to thrive

Market Research
We research markets for your startup and business ideas



Focus on your startup while we boost your social media presence and marketing with optimum strategies and content
Social Media Management
Scheduling, posting and alerting on client feedback

Social Media Content Development
Complete content outline development for social media marketing

Social Media Targeted Growth
Expand your reach, boost your audience



Sponsored Blog Posts
We host paid or sponsored blog posts in relation to our blog’s target focus on tech ideas, business ideas and make money online ideas to reach our specific audience

Sponsored Social Media Posts
We promote your product and services across our social media channels to create an extensive product and service exposure base

Advertise your business and startup products and services with our target audience who wish to grow their income

Freelance Writing
We provide freelance writing services in form of articles for blogs on business, technology and internet marketing products, proposals etc.

Brand Collaboration
We are open to brand collaboration pitches from strategists, writers and internet marketers from across the globe.

Guest Blogging
We host original guest blog content from writers and bloggers who have understudied our focus strategy and offer an innovative approach to the ordinary. Topic ideas are welcome with content expectations of not less than 1000 words.

Corporate/Service/Product Reviews
We offer corporate, product and service reviews for clients and brands

Speaking Engagements
Engage our speaking services at business and tech conferences around the world

Conference and Event Representation
Book us for conference and event representations



Basic Writers’ Course
Learn the art of turning your thoughts, feelings and ideas into words that win audiences

Business Writers’ Course
Become a Business Writer in 3 months and start your own practice

Mentor Program
We offer one-on-one coaching on strategic business positioning for businesses and startups

Idea Strategy Course
Become an Idea Strategist in 6 months and help businesses innovate ahead of the pack

Start Your Own Blog
Start your own blog from scratch and learn how to make a full time online income

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Buy ready-made Business Plans for proven Tech Startup Ideas anyone can start today.

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