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Can your complaint be solved in a smart second? This customer service tech startup idea, Gladly makes it possible.

You place an order online and get it delivered but you have challenges with it and it has taken two weeks for the company to respond despite tens of frantic calls. You sent them mails and you are told your ticket has been raised and you will hear from them. But it still hasn’t happened.

You need to get your voice heard so you move to Twitter, tag the company, mention their handle and even attach a picture of the horror that was sold to you.

Soon, you are bombarded with phone calls. They can solve your problem but calm down and take it off social media, no public fights is good for the company’s image. Besides, you will be handsomely compensated for this foul.

Has this happened to you?

Fouls happen from the most well meaning companies as well that’s why they have customer service departments but with companies raking in hundreds to millions of users with technology, how do the ensure customer troubles are quickly sorted?

Gladly, a simple 21st century customer-centric tech startup idea says it has the answer.


What is Gladly?

Gladly is a customer service platform that centralises all mediums through which a client can complain from into a single personalised conversation so different customer service agents can work to solve each of them swiftly.

From facebook, twitter, instagram, linkedin, mails, calls, sms, whatsapp or kik, they will make everyone in a company know you require something fixed the moment you are saying it.

Startup: Gladly

Founded: January 1, 2014


Joseph Ansanelli, Dick Kessler, Michael Wolfe


Founders’ Inspiration

Ansanelli called enterprise contacts to understand what they were lacking, they said their customers didn’t like to be termed as case numbers and tickets when they had issues they wanted solved.

Headquarters: San Francisco, California

Vision: To personalise customer service experience across every imaginable media channel in the world. (imagined by us).




The Pitch (The idea in 20 words)

Gladly is a cloud-based platform that centralizes and personalizes all customer communication from all media into one for seamless sorting.



Cloud based software, Customer success, Enterprise software



  • The development of a free and open source cloned version of Google Spanne
  • A unique cloud based enterprise software to offer customer service management.
  • The application did away with the usual ticket and case number instructions raised on user complaints.
  • Gladly founder gathered a team of former colleagues and staffers who had run successful start-ups with him in the past and are using their experience, track record and contacts with both small and large enterprise firms to secure clients.
  • The application is designed to track and store every client interaction with a company service agent through all forms of socially relatable mediums, be it popular social channels, email, text, phone calls or chat apps with all conversations tagged as ongoing.
  • Multiple customer service agents work parallel and in consonance to ensure a customer’s complaints are solved within a shorter timeframe it would usually be done using conventional models.
  • Gladly get customer service representatives working with its application in days instead of months.


Revenue Model

The enterprise based approach will see a revenue model customised to various standards such as size and needs of each client.


Growth and Market prospects

By securing five large enterprise clients before takeoff, Gladly has strong growth prospects as it targets large enterprise firms in finance, retail, travel and leisure.



Gladly is funded by investors;

  • Series A: $12 million – June 2016
  • Series B: $15 million – June 2016
  • Series C: $36 million – April 2017
    Total Funding: $63 million



Gladly has successfully raised investment funding from some of the best venture capital institutions. These investors include;

  • Greylock Partners
  • New Enterprise Associates
  • GGV Capital


Future Strategy

The future strategy of Gladly is to secure and gain the trust of a large number of large enterprise clients who find it tough trusting upstarts.


Industry Insights

The customer care or customer success segment is becoming a saturated market with a host of technology players in the marketplace. However, market penetration for cloud based services is still at a minimal 10% among 14.5 million worldwide service agents with estimated growth of 13% in 2017 according to market research firm Gartner.



Gladly is disrupting case number and ticket focused customer service software which are the industry norm today.


Opportunity for Idea Creators

This is an opportunity for idea creators to take advantage of, but the onus for anyone going into an overcrowded market should be passion which will boost needed steam for the breeding of innovation.

On the look out to create more value within this industry sector way should be;

  • Customer service professionals
  • Customer service firms
  • Developers
  • And any other crazy head who thinks and can, can make things happen

Can you solve a customer service challenge in a personalised and smart second?

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