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Bye bye, flour! This food tech startup idea, Nutriati will help make our cakes and snacks healthier

The only industry that has as many changing fads as fashion is food and nutrition.

From aloes to gingko, garlics, noni, acai and onions, we’ve seen it all and, we are yet to have enough.

As we all crave for healthier existence, the urge to take out calories from our daily diets is thicker.

But in the quest for healthier lifestyles, should we forgo everything we love like cakes, pastries, pies and pizza because of all those calories and unhealthy additives like gluten?

Nutriati doesn’t think so!


What is Nutriati?

Nutriati is a food tech startup fighting to ensure the global population stays healthy by promoting and distributing healthier ingredients for the manufacturing of our food.

Nutriati’s idea to achieving such a phenomenal feat is to research, develop ad commercialise innovative plant based food ingredients.


Startup: Nutriati

Founded: 2013


Michael Spinelli, Richard Kelly

Founders’ Inspiration

Designing a better plant based food ingredient solution that possesses all the trappings of the real deal.


Headquarters: Richmond, Virginia


Vision: To offer new plant protein solutions enabling the world live healthier lives. (imagined by us).




The Pitch (The idea in 20 words)

Nutriati is a food tech startup designing nutritious and innovative plant based food solutions for healthier living.



Foodtech, Food industry



  • Nutriati created an innovative form of chickpea flour and chickpea protein concentrate which can be used as base food ingredients or protein enhancers, which serves as healthy substitute to high calorie flours.
  • The products are gluten free, a major controversial ingredient in modern food.
  • Its production process entails the fractioning of garbanzo beans into compound ingredients.
  • The plant based ingredients are designed to entice modern palate in taste, texture, fluffiness and even colour which it retains at white. It is odourless and doesn’t have a beans flavour.
  • Nutriati is managing its manufacturing process but partnering with PLT Health solutions in marketing and distribution.
  • The startup’s strategy is to improve health and global well being by promoting and distributing healthier component ingredients in food supply.


Revenue Model

Nutriati is not creating its own ready to eat product line but selling its products to companies within the food production chain.


Growth and Market prospects

Beverage, ice cream, snack and pastry companies have begun sampling Nutriati products which will be commercially available by the end of 2017. These companies include probiotic shake, Goodbelly and Canyon Bakehouse.

Other companies which will utilise the products include pasta, meat and dairy products.



Nutriati is funded by investors;

Series A: $8 – April 2017

Total Funding: $8 million



Nutriati has successfully raised investment funding from some of the best plant based venture capital institutions. These investors include;

  • Blueberry Ventures
  • Powerpalnt Ventures
  • Tate & Lyle Ventures
  • NRV


Future Strategy

Nutriati targets the commercial launch of its products between 9 to 12 months.


Industry Insights

As the world depletes its protein reserve, a futuristic approach has been to draw from plants creating a market were plant based products are the new in-thing in the food and beverage industry.

This has created an increase in the demand for diets rich in plant based proteins for a more nutritious outlook which will reduce poor dietary diseases and allergies to additives.



Nutriati is disrupting the food industry with an innovative plant based alternative which could see the world eating and living healthier in the nearest future.


Opportunity for Idea Creators

This is a big opportunity for idea creators, but one which they should be willing to do their homework in research, development, strategy and commercialisation. Definitely not a small task, but possible.

On the look out to create more value within this industry sector way should be;

  • Food lovers
  • Food companies
  • Food professionals
  • Food scientists and technologists
  • And any other crazy head who thinks and can, can make things happen


Do you see a future where we will all have to live on plants?

Can you create an idea around it?

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