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Build your BUSINESS like a MOGUL

Everyone wants a big business but not everyone bothers to do what it takes to build one.
Everyone wants investors but most entrepreneurs have not built the captivation or product power to attract customers much less investors.

What makes a Mogul?

Moguls are made by their ability to professionally put vision on paper and drive it with gusto like a space jet, the size of an idea notwithstanding.
Moguls take detailed approach in strategising, planning and positioning their businesses and utilise precision of execution to enhance their success.
Only 2% of business owners detail their strategy to pursue business success.

Are you one?

BUILD YOUR BUSINESS LIKE A MOGUL with these robust discount market packages;


MARKET ACCESS PACK (For Ideas to Business)

Launch your brand new idea with the bang of a Mogul with these premium services;
1. Name: Own your innovative brand name that goes unchallenged by competitors with availability for trademark and internet domain; get 3 standout names for your business, product or services.
2. Niche Strategy: Unlock a niche strategy that suits your idea and differentiates your brand from the pack.
3. Corporate Profile: Communicate your brand story to the world like a multinational with a corporate profile comprising of executive overview, vision and mission statements, payoff, and core values.
4. Business Plan: 10 page business blueprint with 1 year sales forecast and financial projection.
5. Marketing Plan: 2 page marketing plan with a budget customised to meet your pocket.
6. Strategic Action Plan: 6 months strategic action plan to enable you execute with precision.
7. Funding: Application for 1 startup funding loan for your business FREE.

Price: N50, 000.00 ($150) only


MARKET SUCCESS PACK (For Existing Businesses)

Fire up the engine of your business like a Mogul with cutting edge professional services;
1. Corporate Profile: Boost your business outlook with the professional speak of a conglomerate with a revamped executive overview, vision, mission, payoff, core values and product profiles.
2. Personal Brand Profile: Recreate your personal brand profile into a functional, spell binding masterpiece that communicates prestige and personae.
3. Business Plan: Detailed industry focused business plan with current growth metrics and 3 years financial statements.
4. Marketing Plan: Design industry specific marketing plan through brainstorm session to craft 3 marketing concepts to boost sales.
5. Strategic Action Plan: 1 year strategic action plan to enable you time, budget and make those critical moves that will grant you success.
6. Emails: Get 160,000 genuine business emails for marketing your products and services.
7. Funding: Connect you to value to equity based investment portfolios for enterprise funding and partnership FREE.

Price: N195, 000.00 ($600) only



(Customised one-off services)
1. Consulting
2. Creative Naming
3. Niche Strategy
4. Business Plan
5. Market Research
6. Corporate Profile
7. Personal Brand Profile
8. Business Proposals
9. Investment Proposal
10. Pitch Decks
11. Content/Articles
12. Trademark

Price: On Request


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