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I am an idea strategist and over the years I have helped people build businesses using innovative strategies, raise funds to support business growth and design processes to make these businesses sustainable. As an entrepreneur myself, I realise that no matter what you do as a business owner you will always need money to reach the zenith of the goals you set and I am here to help.


Why tech ideas? I love everything technology. It has changed the way we look at possibilities, changed the way we do business and imploded the organic timeline once deemed utterly necessary to make money. With technology, you can get what you want at the snap of a finger. You will understand how a little app inclusion can simply skyrocket your marketing growth and get clients banging at your door and you will learn how to make money from existing technology platforms and have the opportunity to sample ideas which you can take to market.


Professionally, I have enabled hundreds of businesses to take on new perspectives to reach next level growth. These have included businesses in all kinds of industries and here, I will be offering ideas and opportunities to people who wish to venture into business and those who are already in business can utilise for their growth.


Having a fair understanding of the internet, I know it has massive earning potential its over 3 billion users are yet to tap into despite the fact we all practically spend our lives on it. From socialising and basic interactions, to shopping, learning, gossiping and even playing games, the internet is our virtual life – a life within our physical lives.

With a minimum average of 7 hours spent online daily by individuals, it has become so essential to our very existence, automatically assuming the position of a lifestyle and as any lifestyle product, we should be able to make money online as a way of life.

However, your effort is needed to make your dream lifestyle generated through online earnings a reality as making legitimate money online is not for lazy bones but for hard workers and creative thinkers who are resourceful enough to keep coming up with great ideas and strategies on how to keep churning out money.

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How to use this blog

I found out that most people who get the best out of offerings do not necessarily learn like others or wait for others to make moves first before they follow. They just move. This gives them a first mover advantage in ideas that are brand new to the public and they succeed more. So, I will encourage you to use this blog creatively, dust through posts, click on links and see what you can find and send feedback or comment on queries you may have and I will get back to you.

My best wishes go to you as you start this new journey to make money through online ideas, business ideas or tech ideas.


Koko Ombu

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