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A music innovator is born: America’s Got Talent 2017 Chase Goehring

Good voices. Great voices. Powerful voices. Surreal voices. Captivating voices. We have seen them all. From Amy Winehouse, Mariah Carey, Dolly Patton, Adele and Rihanna, even leaving out historical greats like Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole, that is.

Music, an art form loved by almost all has like every other industry evolved in so many ways. This evolution mostly engineered by creative sparks in new song styles (more like delivery designs) which gains momentum after receiving nods from millions, establishing an innovation in music – imagine the emergence of rap!

It is so easy for us to succumb to melodious voices – for God’s sakes, we got soul and our souls are butter to beautiful voices and we melt to the heat of their solos. But sometimes, something spectacular happens that becomes much more than just fascinating voices (majorly channels to deliver an art) – the Art happens!

Great voices are really nothing without the power of artistic geniuses – great lyricists, inventive producers, new style inventors or what I would like to call genre re-creators. Think, and you’ld see the clear, bright picture of ‘The king’ Elvis a music innovator who caused a music anomaly through randomly gifted otherworldly powers which saw him zipping his sounds through blues, pop, and rock n roll to create Rockabilly. That was 1954, when Sam Phillips discovered 20th century’s greatest music innovator.

And here we are, 2017. The platform is America’s Got Talent and the discoverer, Simon Cowell. The discovered? Chase Goehring.

chase goehring babeonideas

Photo credit: Goldderby

I cannot yet place a finger on what tickled me more; the strategic song writing laden with depth of truth unravelling real life experiences like a story book in pictures, brought to life in perfect melancholic words (Mel B will testify to this), the notoriously, fiery Eminem rap style or the blink-or-you-miss unprecedented sweetly soft reggae steals mirroring afro hiphop maestro, Tuface Idibia.

Chase Goehring is an artist defined as folk but one unafraid to tread in traditionally uncharted waters, blending a host of cultures and genres to disrupt the way music, as an art can be presented to the world. With a strong sense of purpose, he is not afeared to come across as unpopular to a mass audience but wielding his wand in a delivery style which will come to define his future and those of probably, a new generation of artistes.

While a great voice may snatch the popularity vote and the million dollar prize at the America’s Got Talent 2017 final, these are no rare phenomenon. But musical innovators, those who startle us in a variety of ways by granting us a preview to a new dimension like seamlessly appropriating a wide range of genres to invent something unheard of not through collaborations, but by a singular artist, then, we are looking at an innovator – a lyrical Spartan, a musical impressionist, an artistic rebel and a ginger with still million more souls to steal – we are looking at Chase Goehring.

A music innovator is born.


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